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Woodwarm Stoves

Who are Woodwarm stoves?

Woodwarm stoves are handcrafted in the UK. Our passion for quality, design and the environment has helped us produce stoves that combine state of the art efficiency with reduced pollution to create really environmentally friendly appliances. Woodwarm Stoves are constructed with a steel body with cast iron and stainless-steel fittings. Each one is individually built by craftsmen and are rigorously tested to ensure consistent quality. Some of our fires are still in use some 40 years on, what else do you have that's still working at 40 years old? We know how to keep the glass clean; we know how to get the maximum use from your fuel, we are unrivalled in our canopy, fuel, colour, leg, handles, plinth, and pedestal, options. Because you buy a house for comfort and as an investment, your choice in a stove should be the same.

Why buy a Woodwarm Stove?

We are very proud of our production process and final product. We aim to provide a totally immersive experience from start to finish. Firstly, our craftsmen pay attention to detail, creating innovative and contemporary products; they exhaustively adhere to manufacturing specifications to create beautiful quality checked appliances. Then our handpicked and immensely hard-working sales outlets provide you with a bespoke service, from choosing which stove is perfect for your requirements, right to the finish of your installation. To complete the process, our approachable after sales team are readily available to assist you with any queries. Throughout, our main aim is to always give really good service and value to our customers. 

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Fitting Service

Our full range of services is available as and when you need them. When you've chosen your fireplace you'll want to ensure that it is installed to perfection by our expert fitters.We can remove your old fireplace, run gas or electricity supplies and we'll adapt and make good brickwork and plastering. We can do almost anything when it comes to chimneys and flue work! Lots of examples of the quality of our work can be seen on our website.

  • Full Fireplace Fitting & Stove Service
  • Chimney & Flue Work
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Gas Fire & Central Heating Servicing
  • Central Heating Boiler Replacement
  • Specialists in Fireplaces
  • Solid Fuel Specialists
  • Comprehensive local Home Surveys
Choose from Great Name Manufacturers

There is a massive choice of designs and great name Manufacturers to choose from. We are open 7 Days a Week from 9.30am until 5.00pm and Sundays 11.00am until 3.00pm we also offer a late-night service by appointment only.

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